Pedigree of 
Dual Champion Woodspoint Remington, Master Hunter
, CD

Parents Grandparents Great- Grandparents Great-great-
    Sooty Chimney  
      Jämtens Sooty Girl
  Tegews Chivas Regal 
(Swedish import)
(Solid black)
      Int'l. & Danish Ch. Oksby Fly
    Tegews Flying-Butterfly  
Tegews Duenna
Woodspoint Covey, MH
(Master Hunter)
      Tegews Diabolo
    Tegews Diamond Ace  
      Tegews Harmezita
  Tegews Dianetta
(Swedish import)
      Int'l. & Danish Ch. Oksby Fly
    Tegews Flying-Mandarina  
      Tegews Diaminda
Ch. Marjetta National Acclaim

(1986 Westminster winner)
    Ch. Scanpoint's Lone Ranger
(Top ten showdog)
      Ch. Scanpoint's Camelia of Melisa
  Scanpoint's Blue    
      Ch. Scanpoint's Chargers Chance
    Ch. Scanpoint's Ruby the Rip  
      Hawkpond's Pearly Blue
Scanpoint Checker Decker, JH
      Ch. Scanpoint's Crusader's Charger
    Ch. Scanpoint's Chargers Chance  
      Ch. Hawkpond's Crookrise Bonnie
  Ch. Scanpoint's Becky    
      Ch. Ruten's Continuation
(Norwegian son of Oksby Fly)  Sire of first US Dual Champion Pointer.
    Ch. Point of Erin Becky O'Scanpoint  
      Ch. Point of Erin's Bonnie Bridget