Puppies 6-7 weeks


     Not all the pups are here...and the show poses are NOT "great"...but at least you can see they're well put-together...ears might look a little low right now, but that'll change - typical for our pups... 

     We appreciate the overwhelming response to this breeding.
     This litter has been futurity-nominated for the APC 2005 National Specialty.

Just plain loveable:)

One of the boys - really cute! - now Judy's:)

Girl "Charcoal"

Her head

The only black boy @ 6 wks. - very pretty.

"Sunbeam" - very pretty head, pic doesn't do her justice. AND she will NOT stand still, so forget that perfect pose.
But that's okay, she's ours!

One orange girl at 7 weeks - congrats Ted & Dina:)

Pups really do have many more fun things

 to do than pose for pictures...

guess we'll keep trying:) 

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