Here are some pics at 4-6 weeks. These girls are going to be serious birddogs.  They had lots of fun with a pheasant wing this week.

We think this is a beautiful head. Looks like mom. (Darby, our pup.)

This is the same puppy stacked  (kinda...her front isn't quite under her correctly) in a pose to show her conformation. 

(( One mark of a quality dog is matching front and rear angulation.   (Angulation is simply the angle at which bones meet.)   Balanced angulation means that the angles where the shoulder and humerus meet  (or the point of the shoulder)  in the front should be nearly equal to the angles where the pelvis and femur meet in the rear. ))

Diva stacked in a pose to show her conformation.

Shelby in a pose to show her conformation.

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