Useful Places to Visit

LEARN about the (wonderful) Pointer breed:
The AKC Pointer Standard  
            Describes what the breed should be (but UKC Standard, below, more helpful)
UKC Pointer Standard
Pointer presentation
You Be the Judge (of Pointers) from WorldClassDogs
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Pointers around the world:
Danish Pointer Club
Finnish Pointer Club
French Pointer Club
German Pointer Club
Moscow Pointer Club
Norwegian Pointer Club
Swedish Pointer Club
Pointers della Cisa
Agertoften Pointers     (see pics of famous dogs behind our Swedish lines)
Montenero Pointers in Australia
Pointers in Argentina
Other Helpful Links to try:
The OFA Site   Learn why it's important.  Search for hip information.
Bird Dog & Retriever News   Just what the title says   Global news for the bird dog enthusiast!
Gundogs Online
N.A.V.H.D.A.   Information on versatile hunting dogs
Upland Bird
Ruffed Grouse Society   Why not support them? 
Take the Lead   Help out a fellow dog lover
The Canine Chronicle   A "must" for show info
Places to shop - dogs & sporting items:
Dogs Unlimited Dogs Unlimited
Wild Wings

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