WHAT does it mean? Guide to titles:
AKC Titles  AKC = American Kennel Club
JH Junior Hunter - must attempt to hunt, must point. Entry level title.
SH Senior Hunter - steady to wing, must back (honor bracemate), retrieve, and stop to flush for 4 tests.
MH Master Hunter - the completely, 100% finished dog, a dog that any hunter would be proud to own, "dead broke", must retrieve to hand, honor on sight, stop to flush without command, all with very minimal handling for 5 tests. A very, very difficult title. (About 1 Pointer a year passes.)
Ch. Show Champion - must defeat dogs in your own breed, earning 15 points based on how closely your dog adheres to the breed standard. Not as hard in Pointers as highly popular breeds.
CD Companion dog - beginning obedience title. Must heel, sit, stay, come, etc.
TD Tracking Dog - must track a 440-500 yard track with 3 to 5 turns laid by a person; track up to 2 hours old.
DC Dual Champion - field AND show championships earned. There have only been 8 in breed history.
FC/AFC Field Champion - must earn 10 field points by defeating other dogs. Dogs must outrun, outhunt, and outpoint the competition without making errors. Must have at least one 3-point major earned by defeating a minimum of 13 other dogs. ONLY first place earns points. AFC (Amateur Field Ch.) is about the same but completed by an amateur handler.
Note: Titles earned by defeating other dogs go in front of a dog's name. Titles earned by passing tests, no matter how difficult, go after the dog's name.