"Axel" is Champion Remington's Unforgiven, JH.
Parents: DC Woodspoint Remington, MH, CD x DC Kinnike Blackthorne
DOB: 12/27/95
Littermates include:
DC Blackthorne Remington Isis, JH (the breed's 8th Dual Champion)
Ch. Remington Richochet Romance, JH (Specialty Winner's Bitch)

Axel is out of the first Pointer litter with two Dual Champion parents.

Axel on point. 

Axel's sweet disposition shows through in his expression.

Axel looking up.  He has a lovely head.

Axel relaxing

One of Pointers' amazing talents is just being
"cuddly" with their kids.

Axel at an early show

Axel finished his show championship with a five-pt. major win.