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Full name:

Remington's Perrita del Sol, JH

OFA Good




Pics - mom
Pics - dad
Pics - grandmother

Amber is a pretty and elegant dog.  Her puppy name was "Sunbeam" because that's exactly what she was.  She was named by my son using his Spanish lessons: Perrita del Sol, "puppy of the sun."

She is a super hunting dog with great natural ability who loves to work, has great ground speed, and is very much the sweet, refined lady at home.  She's very smart and trainable, an outstanding natural retriever, an excellent obedience dog, and a great natural swimmer too - including in the ocean:)  She was a "Top Five" APC field trial Derby dog as a youngster, and the dam of two exceptional "kids", Floyd and Sophie.

Pointing a dove
Winter 2004

In her favorite spot - the front seat of the car

Intensity! Intensity!